Will Duterte stop supporters from posting fake endorsements?

The internet nowadays is full of trolls. During the Lenten Season, a good friend of mine who is an extreme Duterte supporter reposted a meme about Jollibee endorsing Duterte. Other Duterte loyalists shared the same image. Allegedly, the owners of Jollibee are for Mayor Rodrigo Duterte as a writer from Malaya claims:

Over 50,000 people have so far responded to the ongoing online survey being conducted by Rappler. The question asked is: “If elections were held today, who would you vote for president?”

The result of the survey as of March 26: Rody Duterte, 76.8%; Mar Roxas, 11.42%; Miriam Santiago, 5.31%; Grace Poe, 3.98%; Jojo Binay, 1.29; None of the choices, 1.2%.

Another bad news for Digong’s opponents… Billionaire Tony Tan Caktiong, who is from Davao and is the owner of the now world famous fast food chain Jollibee, has just declared his support for the Davao Mayor! 

With the millions of loyal Jollibee customers around the country, Tan Caktiong’s endorsement is certainly a tremendous boost to Hizzoner Duterte’s winning ways.

JOLLIBEE for DUTERTE according to 'Duterte is my President' page -> FAKE!
JOLLIBEE for DUTERTE according to ‘Duterte is my President’ page -> FAKE!


Who could forget the claims that Hollywood actors Ryan Reynolds, Steven Seagal (or was that Steven Seagul? lol) and even Barack Obama! I’m just waiting for an endorsement from Justin Bieber.

Let’s go back to Jollibee. Good move for their social media team to release the real deal and slap the fakers real hard the cutest way possible:

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When a Wife Plays a Big Role in a Husband’s Political Career

When a politician dates and eventually marries a public personality visible on TV, it is already considered as a blessing. Aside from the free publicity (tabloids love chismis! the dirtier, the better!), fans and admirers of that public personality has higher chances of supporting the politician spouse.

Want examples?

The Leading Lady and The Vice-President of the Philippines?

Vice-Presidential Candidate Chiz Escudero married Heart Evangelista quickly last year. Why did I say quickly? The relationship was fresh when Chiz gave the actress a ‘surprise proposal’ with video coverage and the works. They got married in a very posh resort and stirred controversy because of how extravagant the wedding is and the complain of another not-so-famous news caster that they were ‘bumped off’ in favor of Chiz and Heart.

Heart Evangelista is known as the ‘you and me against the world’ type of girl. All of her lovers (John Prats, Jericho Rosales and Daniel Matsunaga) were frowned upon by her strict parents. She decided to pose for a magazine in a sexy outfit with the text ‘VOTE’ and announced that she will fight for Chiz!

Romantic, right?


Some naysayers are saying that the Chiz – Heart marriage is a marriage of convenience. It will help in Chiz Escudero’s political dream while Heart Evangelista is often compared to another equally beautiful actress who got married months before the infamous Balesin wedding.

In some Grace-Chiz sorties, Heart Evangelista represents Chiz Escudero. Admit it – the lady is charismatic and despite her flaws, she remains as one of the favorite artistas up to this day. Her numerous product endorsements testifies to how effective her masa appeal is.

Good for Chiz-Heart tandem then.

Now let’s move to Mar-Korina.

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Of Celebrity Endorsements and Social Media Bashing

While growing up, I’ve seen some interesting paid advertorials of political candidates. Though I wasn’t really allowed to vote by then, I had my list of my preferred President, Vice-President and Senators. Campaign jingles, color codings and celebrity endorsers flashed on the TV screen. Up to this day, I still associate a soap opera queen with a former tough female senator, a noontime host with a politician-slash-businessman and a pop star with a known political clan.

Back then, there were no big issues and these celebrities were tapped (paid or unpaid as they claim) and sure, their endorsements somewhat influenced the choices of their fans and supporters, but they didn’t supper too much bashing and hate tweets from the public.

LP Presidential bet Mar Roxas and wife Korina Sanchez poses with Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo (KathNiel)

Late 2015 comes and Teen King Daniel Padilla shocked the world when he appeared in a Q&A video with Liberal Party Presidential Bet Mar Roxas. Later on, he was joined by his onscreen loveteam Kathryn Bernardo and as of writing, the two are busy joining campaign sorties promoting the #RoRo tandem.

I couldn’t believe the backlash these teen celebrities are getting.

When asked, Daniel Padilla expressed his admiration for Mar Roxas as his family is originally from Tacloban and his relatives witnessed first-hand what Mr. Roxas did during the Yolanda Typhoon tragedy, that killed a lot of innocent lives. As a young gentleman with a reputation to protect, it is a gamble on his part to endorse someone knowing how bashers can’t be tamed especially if they disagree with what you believe in.

Another celebrity endorser who is brave in expressing why she is rooting for the same candidate is GMA-7’s Carla Abellana. You see,  Carla Abellana is admirable not only for her physical beauty and talent as an actress, but also on how she handles criticisms and speaks with sense. In an interview, she revealed that the main reason why she is endorsing Roxas is Integrity and among the candidates, it is Mr. Roxas who has a clean record of getting things done.

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