Of Celebrity Endorsements and Social Media Bashing

While growing up, I’ve seen some interesting paid advertorials of political candidates. Though I wasn’t really allowed to vote by then, I had my list of my preferred President, Vice-President and Senators. Campaign jingles, color codings and celebrity endorsers flashed on the TV screen. Up to this day, I still associate a soap opera queen with a former tough female senator, a noontime host with a politician-slash-businessman and a pop star with a known political clan.

Back then, there were no big issues and these celebrities were tapped (paid or unpaid as they claim) and sure, their endorsements somewhat influenced the choices of their fans and supporters, but they didn’t supper too much bashing and hate tweets from the public.

LP Presidential bet Mar Roxas and wife Korina Sanchez poses with Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo (KathNiel)

Late 2015 comes and Teen King Daniel Padilla shocked the world when he appeared in a Q&A video with Liberal Party Presidential Bet Mar Roxas. Later on, he was joined by his onscreen loveteam Kathryn Bernardo and as of writing, the two are busy joining campaign sorties promoting the #RoRo tandem.

I couldn’t believe the backlash these teen celebrities are getting.

When asked, Daniel Padilla expressed his admiration for Mar Roxas as his family is originally from Tacloban and his relatives witnessed first-hand what Mr. Roxas did during the Yolanda Typhoon tragedy, that killed a lot of innocent lives. As a young gentleman with a reputation to protect, it is a gamble on his part to endorse someone knowing how bashers can’t be tamed especially if they disagree with what you believe in.

Another celebrity endorser who is brave in expressing why she is rooting for the same candidate is GMA-7’s Carla Abellana. You see,  Carla Abellana is admirable not only for her physical beauty and talent as an actress, but also on how she handles criticisms and speaks with sense. In an interview, she revealed that the main reason why she is endorsing Roxas is Integrity and among the candidates, it is Mr. Roxas who has a clean record of getting things done.

Sometime this month, Carla Abellana posted a photo on Instagram:


She was bashed by her followers and she ignored them. Luckily, her rumored boyfriend Tom Rodriguez defended her in the most decent manner as possible:




SOURCE: Fashion Pulis http://www.fashionpulis.com/2016/03/insta-scoop-tom-rodriguez-defends-carla.html

As I type this, another rapper is targeted by bashers- Gloc-9

The rapper previously worked on songs calling out for ‘clean and fair’ elections was spotted in a recent Binay sortie while Jhong Hilario, former It’s Showtime host now running for a slot in Taguig was dancing.

When you check the comments section of the videos of Gloc-9 in the Binay sortie, some fans showed their disgust with Gloc-9’s choice.

Now let’s go to the ‘unpaid’ Rody Duterte celebrity endorsers.

Husband and wife Oyo Boy Sotto and Kristine Hermosa-Sotto expressed their desire to support the mayor’s aspiration for a higher position.


OPM artists like Aiza SeguerraFreddie Aguilar and Chito Miranda of Parokya ni Edgar were very professional in supporting their candidate and refrain from lambasting the opponents vocally. They know what ‘respect’ means… But check this…


Unfortunately, some ‘unpaid endorsers’ resort to name calling, cursing and cyberbullying in order to instill to the minds of the masses that the candidate they’re supporting is the best choice. So do politicians need to ‘pay’ celebs to at least be civilized online? 


And they claim they’re not paid.

Really, now? Not paid a single centavo? Okay…


Parokya ni Edgar’s Chito Miranda is at least civil and supportive to his friend.


Poe-Escudero 💙❤️ #GobyernongMayPuso

A photo posted by Lourdes Virginia M. Poe (@poevirginia) on Mar 29, 2016 at 2:10am PDT


Obviously, GMA-7 leading ladies Lovi Poe and Heart Evangelista are campaigning for Grace Poe and Chiz Escudero. This doesn’t cause too much flare as it is already given that Lovi Poe will be campaigning for her half sister with or without talent fee  and Heart Evangelista will be the VP aspirant’s #1 supporter. That’s what wives do, right?


This photo of Lovi and Heart with Cong. Imee Marcos, who is obviously supporting Bongbong Marcos were calm and civil when this photo was taken.

If only everyone acted that way. Respect!

To Celebrity Endorsers (paid or errr…. unpaid): Take note that you’re supposed to convince and educate people in a level-headed manner. Baka dahil sa kaka-bash ninyo, lalong mainis ang mga botante sa pinipilit ninyong kandidato at meabawasan pa ang boto nila. 



As a first time voter, I hope that my fellow countrymen will choose THE RIGHT person to lead the country. Don’t be lured by cyberbullying. Review what these candidates had done in the past then decide. 


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