When a Wife Plays a Big Role in a Husband’s Political Career

When a politician dates and eventually marries a public personality visible on TV, it is already considered as a blessing. Aside from the free publicity (tabloids love chismis! the dirtier, the better!), fans and admirers of that public personality has higher chances of supporting the politician spouse.

Want examples?

The Leading Lady and The Vice-President of the Philippines?

Vice-Presidential Candidate Chiz Escudero married Heart Evangelista quickly last year. Why did I say quickly? The relationship was fresh when Chiz gave the actress a ‘surprise proposal’ with video coverage and the works. They got married in a very posh resort and stirred controversy because of how extravagant the wedding is and the complain of another not-so-famous news caster that they were ‘bumped off’ in favor of Chiz and Heart.

Heart Evangelista is known as the ‘you and me against the world’ type of girl. All of her lovers (John Prats, Jericho Rosales and Daniel Matsunaga) were frowned upon by her strict parents. She decided to pose for a magazine in a sexy outfit with the text ‘VOTE’ and announced that she will fight for Chiz!

Romantic, right?


Some naysayers are saying that the Chiz – Heart marriage is a marriage of convenience. It will help in Chiz Escudero’s political dream while Heart Evangelista is often compared to another equally beautiful actress who got married months before the infamous Balesin wedding.

In some Grace-Chiz sorties, Heart Evangelista represents Chiz Escudero. Admit it – the lady is charismatic and despite her flaws, she remains as one of the favorite artistas up to this day. Her numerous product endorsements testifies to how effective her masa appeal is.

Good for Chiz-Heart tandem then.

Now let’s move to Mar-Korina.

Mar Roxas used to have a very clean image. Years ago, I remember his Mr. Palengke and Mr. Trabaho campaigns and there were no serious issues thrown against him.

Observers say that Mar Roxas’ political career started to deteriorate when he married Korina Sanchez.

Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez-Roxas

Korina Sanchez – One of ABS-CBN’s Most Competent TV News Anchor/ Lifestyle host since the early 90’s. Unfortunately, she was also featured in the headlines when due to domestic abuse issues in the past.

Just saw this post on Facebook :

ON KORINA SANCHEZ. I am very “permissive” or “supportive” when it comes to whom one chooses to love and/or marry. I…

Posted by Lisa Araneta on Monday, March 28, 2016


I am very “permissive” or “supportive” when it comes to whom one chooses to love and/or marry. I try to make no judgments because I must respect the chemistry that is unique to lovers and the choices people make, the way I want my choices respected.

Which brings me to the way Korina Sanchez has been turned into an issue against Mar Roxas. “Mar is okay,” people say, “but I do not like his wife.” My retort always is, “So you prefer Elenita Binay?” Then they laugh and say, “No.” Sometimes I add, “Which of Duterte’s mistresses do you want in Malacanan?” or “Would you rather the American, Mr. Llamanzares, the one who says he will become Filipino only if his wife wins, be the First Gentleman?”

I am not a fan of Korina Sanchez, but whoever a man loves, he loves. And he should not be made to hide her. His campaigners should not allow themselves to be neutralized by Mar’s opponents for Korina Sanchez has more pluses with the CDEFG crowd than minuses. It’s only the AB who are eyeewed by her but the decent people will vote anyway for the Roxas-Robredo tandem.

And I think it would only be fair if we compared candidates with other candidates and spouses/companions with other spouses/companions. Korina is not running against Poe, Duterte and Binay. She is “running” against Elenita, Duterte’s mistresses, Llamanzares, and compared to them she is far more acceptable to people like me.

I am thinking it is time we set our thoughts aright as far as this matter is concerned.

I kind of feel sorry for Mar Roxas because people who hates his wife due to her domestic issue, yet some people prefer to elect someone who is publicly doing extrajudicial killings. Hey, people fall in love. Mar just happened to love Korina despite her flaws and I find that rare. He could’ve proposed an annulment, but he chose to stand by her. He even defended her against people who kept on making issues that are not really a big deal.


Which got me thinking if LOVE and COMMITMENT is the basis on how a presidential candidate should be considered by voters, we might as well vote for someone who CHOOSES TO FIGHT OVER HIS PARTNER. In the political sense, CHOOSE SOMEONE WHO WILL NOT GIVE UP AND WILL CONTINUE TO JUST WORK HARD AND SMART. The one who LOVES GENUINELY with COMPASSION should be elected then.



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