Will Duterte stop supporters from posting fake endorsements?

The internet nowadays is full of trolls. During the Lenten Season, a good friend of mine who is an extreme Duterte supporter reposted a meme about Jollibee endorsing Duterte. Other Duterte loyalists shared the same image. Allegedly, the owners of Jollibee are for Mayor Rodrigo Duterte as a writer from Malaya claims:

Over 50,000 people have so far responded to the ongoing online survey being conducted by Rappler. The question asked is: “If elections were held today, who would you vote for president?”

The result of the survey as of March 26: Rody Duterte, 76.8%; Mar Roxas, 11.42%; Miriam Santiago, 5.31%; Grace Poe, 3.98%; Jojo Binay, 1.29; None of the choices, 1.2%.

Another bad news for Digong’s opponents… Billionaire Tony Tan Caktiong, who is from Davao and is the owner of the now world famous fast food chain Jollibee, has just declared his support for the Davao Mayor! 

With the millions of loyal Jollibee customers around the country, Tan Caktiong’s endorsement is certainly a tremendous boost to Hizzoner Duterte’s winning ways.

JOLLIBEE for DUTERTE according to 'Duterte is my President' page -> FAKE!
JOLLIBEE for DUTERTE according to ‘Duterte is my President’ page -> FAKE!


Who could forget the claims that Hollywood actors Ryan Reynolds, Steven Seagal (or was that Steven Seagul? lol) and even Barack Obama! I’m just waiting for an endorsement from Justin Bieber.

Let’s go back to Jollibee. Good move for their social media team to release the real deal and slap the fakers real hard the cutest way possible:




“We challenge Mayor Duterte to show the discipline he says he will bring to the Philippines. He can start with his supporters,” Akbayan Representative Barry Gutierrez said in an interview.

“He should tell them to stop spreading lies like the fake endorsement of the Pope, Obama, and Miriam, and the story of the nurse who was allegedly in Tacloban during the typhoon,” he added

– See more at: http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/560770/news/nation/roxas-camp-to-duterte-stop-supporters-from-posting-fake-endorsements#sthash.wszpNwVa.dpuf

Duterte must have succeeded in maintaining peace and order (?) in Davao for the past years to gain such loyal and genuine followers (hello to the people of Davao!). Now the question is, what will Digong do about these trolls who claim to support him? If he wants to discipline the Filipino people, he must start with his supporters.


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