Is Davao City a safe place to live in? PNP’s latest figures disagrees!

Unless you are caveman and have been living under a rock, chances are you have already read about the recently released figures delivered by the Philippine National Police chief Director General Ricard Marquez himself.

The press release contained the list of the top cities in the Philippines together with their corresponding crime indexes. These crimes, per the report were categorized into two – first, the crimes against persons like murder, homicides and rape and next is the crimes against properties such as robbery, car napping and theft.

Looking at these statistics, I was aghast to find that Davao City ranks among the top. As far as I can remember, Davao’s claim to fame, aside from the city’s notoriously infamous leader, is that it is among the safest city in the whole wide world with equivalently low crime rate.


So can someone please explain why Davao ranks among the top in terms of crime indexes?

As a person whose educational training was grounded on numbers, figures and facts, it is extremely difficult to be persuaded by incorrigible hearsays and useless inconsequential rambles when statistics hits me hard in the face. These are real solid evidence produced by the organization whose task is to keep tab on the actual number cases on the different forms of law violations.

Let’s analyze this further.

Under the index crime for murder, Davao ranks the first. It is 70 index points more compared to Manila. You might think “Oh it’s just 70”. You are hugely mistaken and you deserve to be harshly awoken by the truth. Let me remind you that Manila IS most densely populated city in the world. To put it in its proper perspective, Manila has roughly 48,000 people per square kilometer, as for Davao only 570 per square kilometer. Get the point yet?

Another startling observation is Davao’s reported rape cases. Second to Quezon City, Davao has a reported 843 cases from 2010-2015. Let me give you another play in perspective. Quezon City is the biggest city in Metro Manila. This means, if the statistics given were accurate, despite the vastness of Quezon City, more rape cases were recorded in a smaller metropolitan area, which is Davao. Consider that when voting for the country’s next top leaders.

In my previous post, I also discussed the reports from the Human Rights Watch organization about Davao’s increasing extra judicial killings. The organization, later then reported “contrary to the city government’s self-proclaimed success, its tough anti-crime campaign has failed to curve crime rates. An increasing number of death squad killings appears to have contributed to worsening crime rates in the city.”

Summarizing these arguments, that is not one, but TWO smoking guns shaking the city’s claim of being one of the safest cities in the world. With two reputable organizations, Davao’s declaration is seemingly entirely baseless.


As a voter how would you expect me to vote for the person who places an unsupported claim with an entirely hollow basis?


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