DuDirty the Womanizer for President? NO WAY!

All of the candidates vying for the most important position in the country have their own good and bad points. But do you know which trait I hate the most? The one who is a self-confessed womanizer and is even proud of it!

zimmermanPhoto Credit

Yes, people from Davao City might claim that he made their homeland the ‘safest place to live in’ through his methods of discipline (but PNP report says otherwise), but what about RESPECT FOR WOMEN?

A photo of his ex-wife Elizabeth Zimmerman-Duterte is spreading in social media revealing allegedly how she was as a battered wife during her marriage with the infamous mayor. I really feel sorry for her. Aside from the physical pain, she might have also endured emotional trauma. 😦

What about this interview of Rodrigo Duterte about kissing random women on the lips in public? Ughhh!

What about his guesting in the top-rating Sunday show ‘Gandang Gabi Vice’ where he revealed that he has two wives and three girlfriends? GRABE SIYA, OH!

Do you know what are the effects of Duterte’s super dirty tactics just to prove that he can get away with anything? What bothers me is his supporters are blinded with his pa-macho pero napakabastos at walang respeto sa babae tactics.

Imagine this scenario. Your kid who is around 7-8 years old is watching TV and Duterte appeals to the masses that ‘womanizing is okay’. Then your child automatically thinks it is okay because that’s the president talking!

WOMANIZING IS NOT OKAY. One must value the sacrament of marriage! Women should be loved and respected, not humiliated. If we let someone like Rodrigo Duterte a.k.a. DuDirty win, then our country will be doomed especially for women. NO TO DUTERTE!


2 thoughts on “DuDirty the Womanizer for President? NO WAY!

  1. Ungoy ikaw lang naniniwala sa larawan ni Elizabeth .. Hughang, alam mo ba na ang asawa niya mismo si Elizabeth ang nanganggnapanya kay Digong?


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