Leadership by Example?

Kids these days are different. From less human interaction due to frequent usage of gadgets (smartphones, tablets and laptops) to exposure to music containing explicit lyrics (rap and pop songs full of sh*t, f*kc, b&@+ etc.) to TV personalities who are not careful on how they influence kids in the negative manner (eh di wow!, ansabe?!)


I have a niece whose mom asked her  nicely to get something for in the kitchen. She replied in a pabalang manner that she doesn’t want to. The mother asked again and reminded her that she must respect and obey her elders. Know what she said? “Grabe sya, o! Eh di ikaw na! Eh di wow!”

I’d cry if that was my kid.

Those expressions were popularized by Vice Ganda in his TV shows (It’s Showtime, GGV) and movies (Beauty and the Bestie). Nowadays, kids use these as ‘pambara’ to everyone – parents included.


Now imagine what if Duterte, who is known for cursing anytime, anywhere when being interviewed. 

Leaders should lead by example. If our future president doesn’t censor his words before uttering them in front of the public, then we’re in big moral trouble. Have some decency and spare the kids from such exposure! NO TO DUTERTE!


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