DUTERTE LIED! List of PhilHealth Davao Beneficiaries available online

DUTERTE and ROXAS stole the third and last Philippine Presidential Debate aired live from Dagupan City in Pangasinan via ABS-CBN. The topic? PhilHealth in Davao.

Roxas informed the public about the recent developments and achievements of the healthcare sector under the Aquino administration when Duterte disagreed by stating that he applied for the PhilHealth program two years ago, but he didn’t gain any medicine or treatment from it. He claims that there are NO PHILHEALTH BENEFICIARIES IN DAVAO.

Of course, Mar Roxas was confident by stating that PhilHealth was able to help a LOT of Davaoenos. In fact, he has videos and documents to prove his claim.

Guess what? We found the complete list of PhilHealth beneficiaries in Davao and Southern Mindanao! He even dared Duterte to back out of the presidential race once the authenticated documents are out by Monday at 8AM.

It’s only 12:30AM but we are now presenting you the list available online here and here.

When Duterte felt that Roxas can produce the right proof, he retorted once again to bullying by saying something like “Kung naniniwala talaga ang mga Pilipino sa’yo, bakit palagi kang nahuhuli sa rating?”

Is that how a ‘future president’ defend himself? By Bullying?

As early as now, we HAVE the actual list of beneficiaries. Will Duterte back out from the presidential race before we even drink our morning coffee?

I don’t think so. He will surely resort to his usual pa-simpleng atras antics or do another ‘joke lang naman’ statement.


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