Why I am NOT voting for Duterte

Davao City’s notorious Mayor for 20+ years Rodrigo ‘Digong’ Duterte is the current favorite of Filipinos who are swayed by their anger against the situation of their lives. Let’s face it – most are rooting for this guy because he is the most vocal and errr…’brave’ to implement change.


I have a confession: I am one of those angry citizens who wanted him to run for president. My partner is a true blue Davaoeno and I witnessed how the people in the city obey the rules. Impressive, I say. We all know that Mindanao can be chaotic, but Duterte implemented some rules and his citizens learned to embrace it.

I was also happy when he filed for presidency despite the ‘Duterteserye’ that took place last October. Are you running or not? Ano ba?

Now I am listing the reasons why I am NOT voting for DUTERTE:


It all started with the Duterteserye that happened before the deadline of the filing of candidacy. It is so obvious that he has intentions of running for presidency when he started traveling to different parts of the country to promote ‘Federalism’. The idealistic politicians and business owners were cheering for him even if he is hitting them in the heart.

Why go as far as Baguio City from Davao City to promote Federalism if you have no intentions of running for a higher position?

Then his daughter shaved her head as ‘protest’ so her father will run for President.

Just weeks ago, Sara “Inday” Duterte revealed that as a ‘rape victim’ herself, she is not condemning her father’s statement about the demise of the Australian rape victim in 1989. Digong even called his daughter a drama queen.

No wonder. May pinagmanahan si Inday!


I pity some of his decent supporters. Napasubo na masyado. From his blatant kissing of random girls in sorties to exposing womanizing history (he’s even proud of it!) to namecalling (he called MAr Roxas ‘Bayot’ to degrade him) to making fun of the memory of a rape victim – Lahat joke lang?

Now, his latest ‘joke’ has something to do with his hidden wealth.

Running a country is a serious task. One must not play with other people’s feelings. Nakakahiya. Nakakasuka. Nakakairita!


Mar Roxas is right when he said that Binay and Duterte both try their best to ignore issues addressed by the public by resorting to bullying. In the Philhealth Issue during the last Presidential Debate, Duterte teased Roxas about his low ratings in the surveys when LP’s bet confidently said that he can provide a list of PhilHealth beneficiaries in Davao and dared the infamous Mayor to back out of the race.

And this new issue about his hidden wealth and undeclared bank accounts? Naku, patay tayo dyan! Ano ang next bullying antic ni Duterte at ng kanyang mga nabulag na supporters?



The way he curses on public platforms make me worry about the future. See, kids do copy what the current political leaders do. The blind Duterte supporters recently posted a meme on Facebook claiming that it is not DUTERTE’s responsibility to censor his words. It’s the parents’ responsibility daw. HINDI BA’T ANG POLITICAL LEADERS LALO NA ANG PRESIDENTE ANG MAGSISILBING ‘AMA’ ng bansa? Duterte die-hard fans, stop defending your idol! Wag nyo na siyang masyadong panindigan dahil reflection ‘yan ng pagkatao ninyo.

I have more reasons on why I am not voting for Duterte. Nakakatakot. I’m appealing to the public to vote for someone who is idealistic, but realistic. Someone who we Filipinos can be proud of. Vote for someone we can trust!


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