Why I am NOT voting for Duterte

Davao City’s notorious Mayor for 20+ years Rodrigo ‘Digong’ Duterte is the current favorite of Filipinos who are swayed by their anger against the situation of their lives. Let’s face it – most are rooting for this guy because he is the most vocal and errr…’brave’ to implement change.


I have a confession: I am one of those angry citizens who wanted him to run for president. My partner is a true blue Davaoeno and I witnessed how the people in the city obey the rules. Impressive, I say. We all know that Mindanao can be chaotic, but Duterte implemented some rules and his citizens learned to embrace it.

I was also happy when he filed for presidency despite the ‘Duterteserye’ that took place last October. Are you running or not? Ano ba?

Now I am listing the reasons why I am NOT voting for DUTERTE:


It all started with the Duterteserye that happened before the deadline of the filing of candidacy. It is so obvious that he has intentions of running for presidency when he started traveling to different parts of the country to promote ‘Federalism’. The idealistic politicians and business owners were cheering for him even if he is hitting them in the heart.

Why go as far as Baguio City from Davao City to promote Federalism if you have no intentions of running for a higher position?

Then his daughter shaved her head as ‘protest’ so her father will run for President.

Just weeks ago, Sara “Inday” Duterte revealed that as a ‘rape victim’ herself, she is not condemning her father’s statement about the demise of the Australian rape victim in 1989. Digong even called his daughter a drama queen.

No wonder. May pinagmanahan si Inday!


I pity some of his decent supporters. Napasubo na masyado. From his blatant kissing of random girls in sorties to exposing womanizing history (he’s even proud of it!) to namecalling (he called MAr Roxas ‘Bayot’ to degrade him) to making fun of the memory of a rape victim – Lahat joke lang?

Now, his latest ‘joke’ has something to do with his hidden wealth.

Running a country is a serious task. One must not play with other people’s feelings. Nakakahiya. Nakakasuka. Nakakairita!


Mar Roxas is right when he said that Binay and Duterte both try their best to ignore issues addressed by the public by resorting to bullying. In the Philhealth Issue during the last Presidential Debate, Duterte teased Roxas about his low ratings in the surveys when LP’s bet confidently said that he can provide a list of PhilHealth beneficiaries in Davao and dared the infamous Mayor to back out of the race.

And this new issue about his hidden wealth and undeclared bank accounts? Naku, patay tayo dyan! Ano ang next bullying antic ni Duterte at ng kanyang mga nabulag na supporters?



The way he curses on public platforms make me worry about the future. See, kids do copy what the current political leaders do. The blind Duterte supporters recently posted a meme on Facebook claiming that it is not DUTERTE’s responsibility to censor his words. It’s the parents’ responsibility daw. HINDI BA’T ANG POLITICAL LEADERS LALO NA ANG PRESIDENTE ANG MAGSISILBING ‘AMA’ ng bansa? Duterte die-hard fans, stop defending your idol! Wag nyo na siyang masyadong panindigan dahil reflection ‘yan ng pagkatao ninyo.

I have more reasons on why I am not voting for Duterte. Nakakatakot. I’m appealing to the public to vote for someone who is idealistic, but realistic. Someone who we Filipinos can be proud of. Vote for someone we can trust!


DUTERTE LIED! List of PhilHealth Davao Beneficiaries available online

DUTERTE and ROXAS stole the third and last Philippine Presidential Debate aired live from Dagupan City in Pangasinan via ABS-CBN. The topic? PhilHealth in Davao.

Roxas informed the public about the recent developments and achievements of the healthcare sector under the Aquino administration when Duterte disagreed by stating that he applied for the PhilHealth program two years ago, but he didn’t gain any medicine or treatment from it. He claims that there are NO PHILHEALTH BENEFICIARIES IN DAVAO.

Of course, Mar Roxas was confident by stating that PhilHealth was able to help a LOT of Davaoenos. In fact, he has videos and documents to prove his claim.

Guess what? We found the complete list of PhilHealth beneficiaries in Davao and Southern Mindanao! He even dared Duterte to back out of the presidential race once the authenticated documents are out by Monday at 8AM.

It’s only 12:30AM but we are now presenting you the list available online here and here.

When Duterte felt that Roxas can produce the right proof, he retorted once again to bullying by saying something like “Kung naniniwala talaga ang mga Pilipino sa’yo, bakit palagi kang nahuhuli sa rating?”

Is that how a ‘future president’ defend himself? By Bullying?

As early as now, we HAVE the actual list of beneficiaries. Will Duterte back out from the presidential race before we even drink our morning coffee?

I don’t think so. He will surely resort to his usual pa-simpleng atras antics or do another ‘joke lang naman’ statement.

Singapore endorses Duterte? COMPLETELY FALSE!

Do you remember our post regarding the malicious claims of Duterte supporters that Jollibee and even THE POPE is endorsing their favorite man? They’re simply unstoppable in spreading false information. The latest victim is the Singapore Government as reported by ABS-CBN.


Here’s the official statement of Singapore Embassy in Manila:

The Embassy has learned of a FB post mischievously alleging that the Prime Minister of Singapore endorses a presidential candidate for the upcoming presidential election in the Philippines. This is untrue. Singapore does not endorse any candidate. The choice is for Filipinos alone to make. We wish the Philippines well in the conduct of its elections.

For days now, false endorsement of Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is going viral in social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Okay, Digong Fans. We get it. You might have this idealistic vision that the Philippines will be as rich, successful and organized like Singapore, but please do not write too much fiction. Duterte and the rest of the Presidential Candidates are REAL people. They’re not just characters made by a man’s imagination. Stop spreading lies!

On Australian Rape Victim: Mayor Muna Mauna – Duterte

“Napakaganda… dapat mayor muna mauna!” – Duterte ‘joked’.

Just today, another video of Rodrigo ‘Digong’Duterte is circulating online. We’re not sure if this is a video recorded from a recent campaign rally or if it is an old one, but the content is very timely.

Here’s the full video:


“Ni-rape nila lahat ng babae…So ang unang casualty, ang isa dun yung lay minister na Australyana.

Tsk, problema ito. Australyana eh!

Pag labas, binalot. Tiningnan ko yung mukha. P********, parang artista sa Amerika na maganda.  P********, sayang ito!

Ang pumasok sa isip ko…ni rape nila! Pinag pilahan nila! P********** yan, nagalit na ako. Kasi ni rape? Ah, oo. Isa na rin yun. NAPAKA GANDA, DAPAT MAYOR MUNA ANG MAUNA.”

WTF?! I feel so sorry for the female supporters of Duterte (as seen on the background) who are trying their best to keep calm even if the person they idolize doesn’t seem to respect women.

Imagine if Duterte wins as President – Men, especially the abusive ones, will have more courage in molesting and raping women.

Sexual jokes towards women will be more rampant and uncontrollable.

More rape cases will be filed.

More women will weep and seek for justice.

It is sad to witness how women who are blinded by Duterte’s… ugh, ‘manliness’. It started with the emotional separation with his wife (whom we think is only visible now in campaign rallies for the daughter) to the kissing of random women to using the words ‘bayot’ and ‘bakla’ to humiliate his opponents and to cursing a female public official. What a shame!

Sa mga kapwa ko botante lalo na sa kababaihan: PAG-ISIPAN ninyo ng mabuti kung ang ganitong klaseng lider ba talaga ang nais ninyo – walang respeto sa mga babae at miyembro ng gay community, hindi marunong magpreno pagdating sa pagmumura at pagbubully ng ibang tao. Hindi pa huli ang lahat!

“A REAL MAN knows how to respect women!” – Mar Roxas

With the issues about Duterte’s womanizing antics, bayot remarks, “maid lang naman” viral video and his hateful comments towards Cotabato Gov. Lala Taliño-Mendoza, who made an appeal in a press conference to stop politicians from using the rice donation issue for publicity. The infamous Davao City mayor commented:  “May gusto akong sabihin kay Lala. P. I. mo, wala akong pakialam dyan leche ka ha.”

It is clear to see that Digong doesn’t look at men, women and members of the LGBT community equally.

Here’s an excerpt from Mar Roxas’ recent interview to answer Duterte:

“Ang tunay na lalaki, hindi maingay. Ang tunay na lalaki, hindi tawag-pansin. Ang tunay na lalaki, may respeto. Ang tunay na lalaki, kilala ang kanyang limitasyon. Subalit sa iyong pagiging egotistic, sa iyong pagiging self-absorbed sa mundo na tinitirhan mo na ikaw lang ang nakakaunawa, limitado kasi, hindi mo ito nakikita.”

Name-calling is a favorite past time of Duterte and his die-hard supporters these days. How sad.

Here’s Mar Roxas’ take on the ‘bayot’ and ‘bakla’ issue:

“By the way, narating na rin natin siguro ‘yung limitasyon ng iyong utak at ng iyong bokabyularyo. ‘Nung isang araw, tawag mo sakin, bayot. Kahapon naman, tawag mo sa amin, sa gobyernong ito, bakla. Eh di ba tinranslate mo lang sa tagalog ‘yung bisaya? Hanggang diyan nalang ba ang bokabyularyo mo? Wala ka na bang maisip na ibang salita?”

He also promised he will not bow down and will continue to fight Duterte in a civilized manner:

“At hindi ako papayag na dadalhin mo [Duterte] ang ating bansa sa alanganin, sa kapahamakan. Nandito ako, lalabanan kita, Mayor Duterte.”

Mar Roxas may not be perfect, but at least the guy has a plan and he is decent in handling issues thrown against him. I’d rather have a president whom my kids can look up to than let a bully run this country. May God Bless Us!

Leadership by Example?

Kids these days are different. From less human interaction due to frequent usage of gadgets (smartphones, tablets and laptops) to exposure to music containing explicit lyrics (rap and pop songs full of sh*t, f*kc, b&@+ etc.) to TV personalities who are not careful on how they influence kids in the negative manner (eh di wow!, ansabe?!)


I have a niece whose mom asked her  nicely to get something for in the kitchen. She replied in a pabalang manner that she doesn’t want to. The mother asked again and reminded her that she must respect and obey her elders. Know what she said? “Grabe sya, o! Eh di ikaw na! Eh di wow!”

I’d cry if that was my kid.

Those expressions were popularized by Vice Ganda in his TV shows (It’s Showtime, GGV) and movies (Beauty and the Bestie). Nowadays, kids use these as ‘pambara’ to everyone – parents included.


Now imagine what if Duterte, who is known for cursing anytime, anywhere when being interviewed. 

Leaders should lead by example. If our future president doesn’t censor his words before uttering them in front of the public, then we’re in big moral trouble. Have some decency and spare the kids from such exposure! NO TO DUTERTE!

On Duterte calling Roxas ‘Bayot’: ‘Joke’ na naman?

It seems that Rodrigo ‘Digong’ Duterte is doing EVERYTHING to decrease his chances of winning this coming election.

We are not yet over with how his supporters harassed Renee Karunungan yet now, the man himself hits back at Mar Roxas by calling him ‘Bayot’ when LP’s Presidential bet mentioned that his promise of making the Philippines crime free in three to six months is impossible. Watch the video reports below:

WOW, REALLY? Use the word ‘bayot’ to instill that your opponent is weak? And express that you are a REAL man, that you can get the job done?

Isa rin po pala kayo sa mga ‘tunay na lalaki’ na deep inside ay mababaw ang tingin sa mga kapatid natin na parte ng Gay Community. 😦 Kung si Duterte ang magiging presidente ng bansa at patuloy ang pagpapatutsada nya ng ganito, mas lalong nakakatakot dahil mas magiging malakas ang loob ng mga online haters tulad ng nangyari sa isa nating kababayan kamakailan lang.

Read the full report of GMANetwork to know more.

How some supporters ruin Duterte’s image: Harassing Doubters

DUTERTE SUPPORTERS CLAIMS THAT THEY WANT CHANGE. They aspire for it and are vocal about it on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, wherever. They claim that when Digong wins, drastic changes will occur like all criminals, especially drug pushers will be eliminated, curfew hours will be implemented and so on. Many, many years ago, Davao City might be peaceful and we get it – Duterte did his part on what he believed was right and effective.

We still have four other candidates running for the highest position in the country – Binay, Poe, Santiago and Roxas. They have their fare shares of supporters and doubters. That is already given.

But harassing someone to the point of stating threats like death, rape and other violent acts is just plain disgusting!

The latest victim of cyberbullying of Duterte supporters is a certain Renee Karunungan, who posted an image dated March 22, 2016:

I don’t know who to vote for but I know who I’m NOT voting for. I am actively campaigning AGAINST Duterte now because I…

Posted by Renee Juliene M. Karunungan on Monday, March 21, 2016

As of April 6, 2016, she received 68 (and still counting!) hateful messages from ‘Duterte supporters’ who are even sending her below-the-belt comments that are violent and life-threatening:





Ladies and Gentlemen, that’s just five of the messages Ms. Karunungan received. You can read the rest here.

I am completely baffled on how Duterte supporters resort to such harassment. Rape threat? Death threat? Really? IF YOU WANT CHANGE, IT SHOULD START WITH YOU! 

Kayo na po ang humusga. If Digong fails to win this coming May, his fans have no one to blame but THEMSELVES.

‘Yun na!

DuDirty the Womanizer for President? NO WAY!

All of the candidates vying for the most important position in the country have their own good and bad points. But do you know which trait I hate the most? The one who is a self-confessed womanizer and is even proud of it!

zimmermanPhoto Credit

Yes, people from Davao City might claim that he made their homeland the ‘safest place to live in’ through his methods of discipline (but PNP report says otherwise), but what about RESPECT FOR WOMEN?

A photo of his ex-wife Elizabeth Zimmerman-Duterte is spreading in social media revealing allegedly how she was as a battered wife during her marriage with the infamous mayor. I really feel sorry for her. Aside from the physical pain, she might have also endured emotional trauma. 😦

What about this interview of Rodrigo Duterte about kissing random women on the lips in public? Ughhh!

What about his guesting in the top-rating Sunday show ‘Gandang Gabi Vice’ where he revealed that he has two wives and three girlfriends? GRABE SIYA, OH!

Do you know what are the effects of Duterte’s super dirty tactics just to prove that he can get away with anything? What bothers me is his supporters are blinded with his pa-macho pero napakabastos at walang respeto sa babae tactics.

Imagine this scenario. Your kid who is around 7-8 years old is watching TV and Duterte appeals to the masses that ‘womanizing is okay’. Then your child automatically thinks it is okay because that’s the president talking!

WOMANIZING IS NOT OKAY. One must value the sacrament of marriage! Women should be loved and respected, not humiliated. If we let someone like Rodrigo Duterte a.k.a. DuDirty win, then our country will be doomed especially for women. NO TO DUTERTE!

Is Davao City a safe place to live in? PNP’s latest figures disagrees!

Unless you are caveman and have been living under a rock, chances are you have already read about the recently released figures delivered by the Philippine National Police chief Director General Ricard Marquez himself.

The press release contained the list of the top cities in the Philippines together with their corresponding crime indexes. These crimes, per the report were categorized into two – first, the crimes against persons like murder, homicides and rape and next is the crimes against properties such as robbery, car napping and theft.

Looking at these statistics, I was aghast to find that Davao City ranks among the top. As far as I can remember, Davao’s claim to fame, aside from the city’s notoriously infamous leader, is that it is among the safest city in the whole wide world with equivalently low crime rate.


So can someone please explain why Davao ranks among the top in terms of crime indexes?

Continue reading “Is Davao City a safe place to live in? PNP’s latest figures disagrees!”