“A REAL MAN knows how to respect women!” – Mar Roxas

With the issues about Duterte’s womanizing antics, bayot remarks, “maid lang naman” viral video and his hateful comments towards Cotabato Gov. Lala Taliño-Mendoza, who made an appeal in a press conference to stop politicians from using the rice donation issue for publicity. The infamous Davao City mayor commented:  “May gusto akong sabihin kay Lala. P. I. mo, wala akong pakialam dyan leche ka ha.”

It is clear to see that Digong doesn’t look at men, women and members of the LGBT community equally.

Here’s an excerpt from Mar Roxas’ recent interview to answer Duterte:

“Ang tunay na lalaki, hindi maingay. Ang tunay na lalaki, hindi tawag-pansin. Ang tunay na lalaki, may respeto. Ang tunay na lalaki, kilala ang kanyang limitasyon. Subalit sa iyong pagiging egotistic, sa iyong pagiging self-absorbed sa mundo na tinitirhan mo na ikaw lang ang nakakaunawa, limitado kasi, hindi mo ito nakikita.”

Name-calling is a favorite past time of Duterte and his die-hard supporters these days. How sad.

Here’s Mar Roxas’ take on the ‘bayot’ and ‘bakla’ issue:

“By the way, narating na rin natin siguro ‘yung limitasyon ng iyong utak at ng iyong bokabyularyo. ‘Nung isang araw, tawag mo sakin, bayot. Kahapon naman, tawag mo sa amin, sa gobyernong ito, bakla. Eh di ba tinranslate mo lang sa tagalog ‘yung bisaya? Hanggang diyan nalang ba ang bokabyularyo mo? Wala ka na bang maisip na ibang salita?”

He also promised he will not bow down and will continue to fight Duterte in a civilized manner:

“At hindi ako papayag na dadalhin mo [Duterte] ang ating bansa sa alanganin, sa kapahamakan. Nandito ako, lalabanan kita, Mayor Duterte.”

Mar Roxas may not be perfect, but at least the guy has a plan and he is decent in handling issues thrown against him. I’d rather have a president whom my kids can look up to than let a bully run this country. May God Bless Us!


When a Wife Plays a Big Role in a Husband’s Political Career

When a politician dates and eventually marries a public personality visible on TV, it is already considered as a blessing. Aside from the free publicity (tabloids love chismis! the dirtier, the better!), fans and admirers of that public personality has higher chances of supporting the politician spouse.

Want examples?

The Leading Lady and The Vice-President of the Philippines?

Vice-Presidential Candidate Chiz Escudero married Heart Evangelista quickly last year. Why did I say quickly? The relationship was fresh when Chiz gave the actress a ‘surprise proposal’ with video coverage and the works. They got married in a very posh resort and stirred controversy because of how extravagant the wedding is and the complain of another not-so-famous news caster that they were ‘bumped off’ in favor of Chiz and Heart.

Heart Evangelista is known as the ‘you and me against the world’ type of girl. All of her lovers (John Prats, Jericho Rosales and Daniel Matsunaga) were frowned upon by her strict parents. She decided to pose for a magazine in a sexy outfit with the text ‘VOTE’ and announced that she will fight for Chiz!

Romantic, right?


Some naysayers are saying that the Chiz – Heart marriage is a marriage of convenience. It will help in Chiz Escudero’s political dream while Heart Evangelista is often compared to another equally beautiful actress who got married months before the infamous Balesin wedding.

In some Grace-Chiz sorties, Heart Evangelista represents Chiz Escudero. Admit it – the lady is charismatic and despite her flaws, she remains as one of the favorite artistas up to this day. Her numerous product endorsements testifies to how effective her masa appeal is.

Good for Chiz-Heart tandem then.

Now let’s move to Mar-Korina.

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