Singapore endorses Duterte? COMPLETELY FALSE!

Do you remember our post regarding the malicious claims of Duterte supporters that Jollibee and even THE POPE is endorsing their favorite man? They’re simply unstoppable in spreading false information. The latest victim is the Singapore Government as reported by ABS-CBN.


Here’s the official statement of Singapore Embassy in Manila:

The Embassy has learned of a FB post mischievously alleging that the Prime Minister of Singapore endorses a presidential candidate for the upcoming presidential election in the Philippines. This is untrue. Singapore does not endorse any candidate. The choice is for Filipinos alone to make. We wish the Philippines well in the conduct of its elections.

For days now, false endorsement of Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is going viral in social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Okay, Digong Fans. We get it. You might have this idealistic vision that the Philippines will be as rich, successful and organized like Singapore, but please do not write too much fiction. Duterte and the rest of the Presidential Candidates are REAL people. They’re not just characters made by a man’s imagination. Stop spreading lies!